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Electric avenues

30 March 2011

Driving home the case for electric vehicles in the UK.

Electric avenues

WWF's new report Electric avenues: driving home the case for electric vehicles in the UK examines the potential for EVs to reduce car emissions and fuel demand, thus helping to reduce our oil dependence. It also looks at the impacts of EVs on the national grid, in terms of increasing electricity demand. WWF believes that EVs' impact will be minimal so long as they are charged late at night, when demand for electricity is low.

Our summary report contains key findings from research undertaken by Element Energy. The full report is a more detailed exploration of these findings. The research report by Element Energy contains all the technical detail behind WWF's summary and full reports.

Electric avenues - full report

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Electric avenues - full report

Electric avenues - summary

Electric vehicles in the UK and Republic of Ireland: research report