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The Amazon rainforest

The Amazon is the world’s biggest tropical rainforest. The latest figures say three football pitches disappearing per minute. But amazingly, more than three quarters of the Amazon is still intact... discover more about the Amazon rainforest

Atlantic forest

The Atlantic forest - stretching along the coast of Brazil and inland to Paraguay and Argentina - is one of the most vulnerable forests in the world. Today, only 7% of the original forest remains intact - but it’s still home to an amazing array of species. 
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Orang-utans, pygmy elephants, Sumatran rhinos and clouded leopards are among the species found in the forests of this amazing place.
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Colombia is a country of striking contrasts and outstanding natural beauty. It's home to more than 10% of the world’s plant and animal species - including more birds, amphibians and orchids than anywhere else.
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East African coastal forest

The coastal region of east Africa is one of the continent’s most biologically diverse areas. It is made up of a unique combination of habitats, including coastal forests, savannah woodlands and mangroves.
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Eastern Himalayas

From the snowbound summit of Everest, through alpine meadows and temperate forests, to humid lowland forests and savannahs, the Eastern Himalayas is a place of extraordinary richness and beauty.
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Virunga National Park

Virunga is Africa’s oldest national park and a treasured World Heritage Site. It’s the size of a small country, straddling the equator in Democratic Republic of the Congo.
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