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East African coast

This area has an amazing variety of natural environments and habitats, both on land and at sea. They include forests, woodlands, savannahs, mangroves and coral reefs. And an abundance of wildlife... discover more about the African coast 


Namibia - in south-west Africa - has an unusual mix of deserts, arid coasts, woodland and vast grasslands, and is home to many large mammals... discover more about Namibia

The Mara-Serengeti

This area takes in Kenya’s Mau forest, the Mara river and the Serengeti plain. Together it makes up one of the oldest, most complex and least disturbed ecosystems on Earth... discover more about the Mara-Serengeti

Virunga-Bwindi landscape

Virunga is Africa’s oldest national park and a treasured World Heritage Site. It’s the size of a small country, straddling the equator in Democratic Republic of the Congo... discover more about Virunga-Bwindi landscape