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Fires are devastating the Amazon again. But this isn’t just another year of burning. Our destruction is making the Amazon dangerously unbalanced. If we continue, the Amazon as we know it could soon come tumbling down, for good. 

But thanks to your pressure, the UK Government are finally listening. Right now, they are considering new laws that could bring an end to our role in the destruction – making sure products imported to the UK aren’t fuelling the demand for deforested land. This would be a huge step in preventing the Amazon, and other precious places, from collapsing.  

But they’ll only act if enough of us speak up. We need them to hear loud and clear: 

Don’t let products imported to the UK push the Amazon closer to collapse. 

Use the form below to send an email to the UK Government in response to their consultation. 

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It’s  shocking enough that we’ve  destroyed nearly a fifth of the world’s biggest rainforest. But this  doesn’t  tell the whole story.  It might look like there’s a lot of forest still standing, but our destruction is making the Amazon dangerously unbalanced.

We are approaching a point where the  Amazon  will no longer be able to sustain itself. If we push it too far, the Amazon will collapse – with  devastating impacts for our climate. Huge chunks of forest will stop functioning  as they should,  becoming drier, like a savannah, and releasing vast amounts of carbon,  usually stored in the trees, into the  atmosphere.  

We  don’t  know for sure where the point of collapse is – but some scientists estimate that it  could be reached if  we destroy just 5% more. The Amazon is wobbling, and products being imported to the UK are part of the problem.

If we do push the Amazon to collapse, there’s no return. The Amazon as we know it will be gone forever, and  we will  have lost the fight against climate change. It’s  as simple as that.   

But there is still hope. We still have time to stop and turn back. Every tree we protect, every fire we can avoid, makes catastrophe less likely. And the UK Government can lead the way.  

Right now, thanks to your pressure, they are asking for your views on how they should tackle deforestation in our supply chains. If they hear from enough of us, they will act.

This is our moment to demand change.

Add your name to join amazing  supporters calling for change. Help us get to 50,000.

Dear George Eustice, Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs;

Please accept this as my submission to DEFRA’s Public Consultation on Due Diligence

The Amazon - the world’s largest and most biodiverse rainforest – is once again on fire. The continued destruction of the Amazon due to lack of regulation is making it dangerously unstable and bringing it closer to a tipping point. Some scientists estimate that if we lose as little as 5% more of the rainforest, we could lose the Amazon as we know it, and will lose our fight against the climate crisis.

We are therefore urgently calling on Government to take responsibility for the UKs growing overseas footprint and include world-leading measures in the Environment Bill that will remove deforestation and habitat conversion from the products imported to the UK once and for all.

Please help us protect our world’s precious landscapes, including the Amazon, and put us on a path to global recovery.

Yours sincerely,

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