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Sky Rainforest Rescue

Between 2009 and 2015 the Sky Rainforest Rescue campaign, launched by Sky and WWF, raised more than £9.5 million to help keep one billion trees standing in Acre, north-west Brazil.

The Amazon rainforest - Brent Stirton

Breathtaking, isn’t it? Home to 1 in 10 of all the wild species on Earth, the Amazon is a unique and irreplaceable ecosystem. But unfortunately, this beautiful tropical rainforest is in real trouble – and what happens there affects all of us.

What’s the problem?
Well, think about the size of a football pitch and multiply that by three. That’s how much Amazon rainforest is being cut down every minute of every day. By 2030, a quarter of the Amazon could be lost.

Why is this happening?
The Amazon rainforest provides resources and performs functions that all of us – people and wildlife, locally and globally – depend on every day. But unfortunately, it’s often been more economically viable for people to cut the forest down rather than keeping it standing.

So how is Sky Rainforest Rescue helping?
We’re working with local people there in three key ways that reduce deforestation by helping families make a fair and sustainable living. We’re working with farming families to create sustainable alternatives to clearing forest for crops. That means giving people the agricultural and financial support they need to make a fair living without cutting down trees. To date Sky and have supported over 1600 small-scale farming families in how to manage their land and earn an income in a sustainable way.

Photo of cows in a farm, Acre

Making forest-friendly products more profitable We’re helping make forest-friendly products – like rubber, berries and fish – more profitable by improving processing methods and seeking out new market opportunities. This way, people can earn a good living that doesn’t resort to damaging the forest.

Photo of children in the Amazon

Working with schools We know that the first step towards solving deforestation is to understand it. That’s why we’re also working with teachers and school children in Acre to help teach why rainforests are important and how they can be protected.

What happens in Acre is affected by economic trends across South America. So funds raised through Sky Rainforest Rescue also support WWF's wider work with governments, businesses and banks to influence the big decisions that create deforestation, like agricultural policies, and infrastructure development.

Here’s a quick overview of what the Sky Rainforest Rescue campaign is all about:

If you want to support WWF's work then adopt an animal or make a donation.

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Sky Rainforest Rescue

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