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Working with business

Business makes a huge impact on the natural world, and it’s critically dependent on it too.

Our natural resources such as forests and fish stocks are diminishing, carbon emissions are on the increase, and vital freshwater in our rivers and lakes is under increasing pressure.

Our current way of doing business doesn't stack up.

Only the smartest, most sustainable companies who value nature will continue to thrive in the future. That's why we use our knowledge and insight to help companies make a positive contribution to the planet.

There are exciting opportunities ahead - and unleashing the power of new thinking and innovation will be critical. With our expertise and experience, WWF is the ideal business adviser or partner.

Our vision

We see a One Planet Future, in which business makes a restorative contribution to our natural world, supports the Earth’s adaptation to a changing climate, and benefits human well-being.

This in turn will help to build businesses that last.

How we work with business

It's simply not enough for us to only work with companies that are already doing everything ‘right’. That's why we form challenging and constructive relationships with businesses that are able to drive real, lasting change.

We work in partnership with companies to transform the way they do business. We also work to transform markets, bringing together investors, consumers and political leaders to work through complex issues.

Increasingly we're working on green innovation to promote very different business approaches that are aligned with environmental protection.

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If you would like to find out more about our work with businesses, get in touch on 01483 412 395 or email business@wwf.org.uk