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Sky and WWF joined forces in 2009 with a mission to tackle some of the World’s most pressing environmental issues. From tackling devastating deforestation in the Amazon, to restoring and protecting ocean habitats and fighting the climate emergency.

In February 2020, Sky set its ambition to be net zero carbon by 2030, two decades ahead of government legislation. Through the partnership with WWF, Sky will inspire millions to #GoZero and empower people to build a better world.


In 2009 we launched Sky Rainforest Rescue, an initiative to protect the Brazilian Amazon and support local communities to make a sustainable living from the forest. Over a six year period we raised £9 million to protect one billion trees in the Amazon, and raised the awareness of 7.3 million people in the UK and Ireland, increasing their understanding of deforestation and climate change. 

 From 2017 the Sky Ocean Rescue and WWF UK partnership helped safeguard some of Europe’s most precious ocean habitats and Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). Including the creation of a new tool to assess and improve the management effectiveness of Marine Protected Areas and tagging basking sharks in West Scotland to inform the case for a new MPA for these gentle giants. 

Working with Swansea University and Project Seagrass we delivered the UK’s first large-scale efforts to restore our lost seagrass meadows, planting over 1.2 million seagrass seeds in new meadows in West Wales – the largest seagrass restoration project of its kind in the UK to date.  

 From January to June 2021 the Ocean Hero Campaign, recruited 280,000 ocean advocates to take action in their everyday lives to live a more ocean friendly lifestyle and called on the government to commit to ocean recovery. Thanks to their actions, World Ocean Day saw an announcement from the government, that banned fishing and other damaging activities from at least five Highly Protected Marine Areas  

What we are doing now

Now the Sky Zero and WWF seagrass project is expanding to other parts of the UK with Sky Zero committing to plant an additional one million carbon-capturing seagrass in the South of England, contributing to a new meadow over 30,000 square metres in size. And this is just the beginning.

The project is expanding to restore seagrass and other vital carbon capturing habitats such as saltmarsh and oyster reefs – protecting entire seascapes. We’re also working to restore more ecosystems quicker – building nurseries for seagrass seeds and cutting-edge technology to help us move from handfuls to hundreds of restored meadows across the UK.

Our Force for Nature campaign is highlighting the power of the UK’s natural habitats in the battle against climate change and asking the public to join a community of people who want to protect and restore one of the UK’s most cutting-edge climate technologies...nature.

For every 1,000 sign ups, Sky Zero and WWF will plant 4,000 seagrass seeds, up to a massive one million, to showcase the public support for protecting and restoring nature and championing ‘green technology’ that can help save the planet from climate disaster.

Be a force for nature

 “We’re beginning to understand just how at risk our cherished UK landscapes are, from a variety of factors including deforestation, urbanisation and a lack of protection. However, what is less known is just how powerful these natural habitats can be in the fight against climate change, providing we can restore and protect them.  The world can’t wait and so at Sky, we’ve set our own ambition to be net zero carbon by 2030. We’re asking people to become a #ForceForNature; to call on all UK governments to keep their climate promises and in turn restore seagrass, a carbon-capturing technology that nature itself has provided for us.” 

Jeremy Darroch, Executive Chairman at Sky and WWF-UK Ambassador