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About WWF-UK

We’re WWF, the leading global environmental charity, and we’re bringing our world back to life. With nature in freefall, we’re urgently tackling the underlying causes that are driving the decline, and we’re finding solutions so future generations have a world with thriving habitats and wildlife. It’s a huge challenge, but if we all act together, there is hope. 

Our Approach

An image taken from the ground looking up at a large tree with lots of branches and green leaves. You can see the sky through the gaps in the leaves.

At WWF we’re uniquely well placed to bring our world back to life. We’ve been protecting nature’s wonders for more than 60 years. And now we’re leading the way not just to protect our natural world but to restore it. We’re working globally with communities, governments, companies and others who have the will to act and transform our world.  

We were the first organisation to develop a science-based strategy that focuses on the links between food, climate and biodiversity loss and we remain at the forefront of this approach. We’re tackling these threats in three key ways: averting dangerous climate change, creating a sustainable food system and restoring threatened habitats and species.

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