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WWF's My Footprint app

Your answer to the question ‘how can I help the environment?'

Help build a better world

2020 made us all stop and think. In the face of extreme weather, forest fires and the global pandemic, what is it that we can all do to help our planet?  

We’ve seen the devastating impact that human activity can have on the natural world, but it doesn’t have to be this way. We can build a better world by making small changes to our everyday lives. 

WWF's My Footprint app

Reduce your impact

WWF-UK’s new My Footprint app is your hub for positive change. Using this app is one easy step you can make to help our planet and keep yourself motivated to make a change. 

You can calculate your carbon footprint within the app, and then get practical advice on how you can introduce positive changes to your life through a variety of challenges for you to take part in. From cutting down your plastic consumption to eating a plant-based meal; each challenge gives you a new opportunity to do your bit for the planet.

Track your progress in reducing your environmental footprint and download the My Footprint app today! 

Download the app and track your progress

Discover challenges and tips to help you reduce your impact on the environment today. Available for iOS and Android devices. 

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