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UK nuclear power plans dropped by E.ON and RWE

29 March 2012

Today’s announcement by German utility companies RWE and E.ON that they’re abandoning plans to build new nuclear power stations in the UK reinforces our argument that the economics of nuclear are very uncertain - and that the government should be backing renewable energy instead.


Keith Allott, head of our climate change team, says: “Despite the government’s efforts to bend over backwards to support the nuclear industry, it's now blindingly clear that the economics of nuclear just don’t stack up.

“Three major utilities have now pulled out of nuclear plans in the UK, and the only two reactors under construction in Europe are massively over-budget and behind schedule.

“The government needs to wake up… If it backs the renewables industry instead of flogging the nuclear horse, the UK could become a world leader in a sector that’s already seeing massive growth.”

Our recent Positive Energy report showed that clean renewable energy could supply well over 60% of the UK’s electricity by 2030. This would meet our carbon reduction targets while massively reducing our reliance on imported gas - as well as creating many thousands of green jobs in the renewables industry.

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