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Overview of Scotland's Climate Action Plan

In 2017 the Scottish Government will produce its new Climate Action Plan. This is a crucial opportunity to create a Scotland which is healthier, happier and more prosperous, with a safe, clean and flourishing environment which is protected for generations to come.

To support the development of this new plan, WWF Scotland has drawn inspiration from climate action around the globe to create a set of case studies and produced criteria by which we will judge the success of the Climate Action Plan.  In addition, as a member of Stop Climate Chaos Scotland (SCCS), we are advocating for the adoption of a number of policies which would cut emissions, create jobs, improve health and create a more sustainable and prosperous country.

A plan to match Scotland's climate ambitions

In order for Scotland to meet its world-leading climate ambitions and to realise the benefits of a low carbon transition, we believe that the Scottish Government’s new Climate Action Plan must MATCH all of the following criteria:


Every policy in the Climate Action Plan should have specific, measurable outputs, expected climate outcomes and a timeframe for implementation.


The Plan should front load ambitious new policies to secure the biggest possible impact, particularly for transport, land use, heat and energy efficiency


The Climate Action Plan should provide clarity on how each expected policy outcome has been calculated and which body is responsible for implementing each policy.


The Plan must show how all annual targets between now and 2032 will be met and should prioritise policies over proposals and regulation over voluntary action.


The Plan should take account of the wider benefits of policies (e.g. social, economic and health), as well as detailing their climate and financial impacts.

A Plan to Match Scotland's Ambition