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Climate change is a serious concern for the Amazon. Rises in temperature and droughts put the forest at risk of drying and increase fires, threatening its resilience, wildlife, and the communities who depend on its services. Ultimately the best solution to halt climate change is keeping trees standing which is at the core of all we do. We also work with the Brazilian and Colombian governments to increase their commitments towards conservation and climate change and turn them into actions. For example:

  • We are working with the Brazilian government to help it meet its pledge to restore a massive 12 million hectares of forest by 2030 – that’s an area almost the size of England
  • REDD+ – we’re helping Colombia and Brazil deliver their REDD+ strategies, at national and state level
  • We are undertaking advocacy to ensure Brazil and Colombia reduce their greenhouse gas emissions following the Paris agreement
  • As part of a broader strategy to generate 100% of Brazil’s electricity from renewable resources, we are supporting the use of solar panels so that even remote areas of the Amazon can move away from diesel dependency
  • Working from policy to implementation – we are promoting low carbon and climate resilient planning across 10 municipalities in Colombia
  • Securing and expanding protected areas in Colombia and Brazil– there’s political pressure to downgrade the status of some of Brazil’s protected areas and indigenous territories. We are resisting it, while influencing the governance and expansion of Colombia’s protected areas.