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Why we need a nature recovery plan

Nature is critical to our health and wellbeing. Throughout 2020 nature’s importance has become even more clear for many of us. The necessary response to the Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted lives and routines in ways distinctive to each of us, but nature has been a defining factor of our individual experiences. 

With RSPB Scotland and Scottish Wildlife Trust, our Nature Recovery Plan sets out 11 high-impact actions to set Scotland on the pathway to delivering transformative change for nature, people and climate. These actions would also help to build a more healthy and resilient nation, supporting diverse, vibrant communities and economies. 

Scotland is rightly proud of its diverse and unique wildlife, but we need to wake up to the fact that many species are increasingly under threat from climate change. The fact is that we cannot tackle the climate crisis without also addressing the emergency facing our natural world. We need urgent action and funding for nature. Now is the moment to kickstart deeper structural reforms needed to shift to a wellbeing economy which actively invests in nature. 

Will you join us in calling on all political parties in Scotland to champion nature and include these actions in their party manifestos for the 2021 Scottish Parliament elections?