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Bring a bottle

Plastic goes with nothing – switch to a reusable!

Your Challenge

Swap expensive and wasteful bottled water for tap water in a reusable bottle.

Why you're doing this

Producing plastic water bottles, filling them up, and transporting them to where they are sold is expensive, and uses up valuable natural resources in an unsustainable way.  

But it’s easy to avoid this wasteful practice: simply purchase a reusable bottle and fill it up with tap water or your favourite soft drink. There’s a huge range on the market these days, with different patterns and colours to match your style.  Why not use a patterned bottle to style up your desk while you’re working from home?

How you'll make a difference

Be part of the change and help us avoid this fate by choosing a reusable bottle over bottled soft drinks and smoothies. Many bottles also come with insulation, keeping your drink nice and cool for longer – win win!

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