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Don’t flush wet wipes

Don’t flush that wet wipe! 

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Wet wipes shouldn’t go down the loo, even when they say they’re flushable 

Why you're doing this

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 Wet wipes are the cause of 90% of sewer blockages around the United Kingdom. They pollute the water and cause damage to wildlife. Even “flushable” wipes are not safe to flush. When flushed, they mix with grease and other refuse, causing major sewer blockages. Then, because they don’t break down, they can be a major source of pollution in oceans 

How you'll make a difference

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When wildlife ingests wet wipes or the (micro) fibres that are released, the plastic stays in their stomach and often leads to starvation.  Ingesting plastic has been recorded in over 240 animal species, often resulting in injuries and death. If you can't give up wet wipes completely just yet make sure to put them in the bin after use never flush them.  

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