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Recycle right!

A modern house recycles

Your Challenge

Get your recycling right at home by checking with your local authority.

Why you're doing this

Learn how to recycle properly. Do you know what you can and can’t recycle in your local area? And are you aware that if you put dirty items or the wrong items in your recycling bin, the whole collection could be sent to landfill? 

What can and can’t go in your home recycling bin differs depending on where you live, because local authorities all have their own agreements with waste recycling centres, so you should check with your local authority or on the recycle now website.   

The recycling logos on products are also helpful in knowing what can and can’t be recycled.   

 And remember, if in doubt, leave it out.   

How you'll make a difference

Putting the right stuff in the right bin is important. The wrong stuff is called ‘contamination’ and when contaminated loads of recycling are found, it can potentially result in the whole lorryful being sent to landfill.  Plastic pollution kills wildlife, damages natural ecosystems, and contributes to climate change. Plastic waste has been found in soils, rivers and oceans where it can degrade or destroy wildlife habitats. 

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