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Reusable bags

Make the right statement – choose a reusable bag

Your Challenge

At the supermarket try to use reusable bags instead of plastic carrier bags. There are lots of options for reusable pages in our WWF online shop

Why you're doing this

There’s an easy way to make your supermarket shop more sustainable – at the checkout refuse new plastic carrier bags and instead carry your groceries home in a reusable bag.

How you'll make a difference

Plastic carrier bags purchased at the supermarket are often only used a handful of times before being thrown away, and for many of us they can't be recycled at home. A more sustainable alternative is to bring a reusable bag from home with you.

Plastic pollution kills wildlife, damages natural ecosystems, and contributes to climate change. Plastic waste has been found in soils, rivers and oceans where it can degrade or destroy wildlife habitats.

Take a stand against unnecessary plastic production and choose a reusable bag instead.

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