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Single use cutlery

Avoid an extra side of plastic

Your Challenge

When treating yourself to a takeaway, say no to single-use plastic cutlery with your meal. 

Why you're doing this

It may seem like a small thing, but if we all choose not to accept single-use plastic cutlery we can help reduce demand for this wasteful practice. Many takeaway delivery platforms now ask you this before completing your order, so have a look next time you’re ordering and say no to single-use plastic cutlery with your meal.

How you'll make a difference

There are giant plastic islands floating on the ocean surface, and beaches around the world are increasingly littered with plastic rubbish even in the Arctic. It may come as a shock to know that most of the plastic in the ocean is out of sight, either underwater or on the ocean floor.

An easy way to reducing plastic waste is to refuse plastic single-use cutlery with your favourite takeaway.

It is time to #FixTheFoodSystem. By doing this challenge you are also taking part in WWF-UK’s Eat4Change campaign to encourage sustainable diets and join the fight for our planet. 


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