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Use a microfibre bag

Keep your laundry low impact

Your Challenge

When washing your laundry, throw it in a microfibre bag to collect polluting microplastics.

Why you're doing this

A lot of the clothes we wear are made of plastics like polyester and nylon.   Each time we wash them, these materials shed microfibres – tiny pieces of plastic, thinner than a strand of hair. They’re so small they can drain out of our washing machines and pass straight through wastewater treatment plants into the sea. One load of washing can shed up to 17 million plastic fibres. Not enough is currently known about the long-term impacts of microplastics on marine ecosystems - or on human health.  

How you'll make a difference

Bagging up your clothes before you wash them or adding a microfibre collection ball can help reduce the amount of microplastics sneaking into our waterways and ending up in the ocean. Microfibres bags such as GuppyFriend collect some of these microplastics in their meshes. They can then be scooped out into your rubbish bin and the bag reused.  

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