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Nicola Howson

Nicola Howson started her career in public relations 25 years ago after a chance meeting led to some work experience in a small agency. She has spent the bulk of her career in the media industry, TV production, multi-channel television and in network television as Communications Director of ITV. 

Nicola joined one of the leading communications agencies, freuds, in early 2006 and established its Corporate practice, specializing in reputation management.  She became CEO in 2010 and was responsible for nurturing and developing the agency, its clients and its people. Nicola advised a wide range of freuds’ clients including major consumer brands such as Mars, PepsiCo and Asda, media companies including Sky, Condé Nast and Warner Bros and corporate clients including RBS and Vodafone.

freuds also has a history of working with a number of not-for-profit organisations including The Global Fund, (Red), The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Comic Relief. Whilst at freuds Nicola personally oversaw the agency’s involvement in some important conservation and environmental projects including the WWF Virunga campaign, Sky Rainforest Rescue, Whiskas Big Cat Little Cat and a documentary charting the plight of the endangered Caucasian Leopard. 

In early 2015 Nicola left freuds to run her own successful independent agency.