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Events FAQs

Have a question about taking part in an event for WWF? This page should help but you can always contact or phone us on 01483 426333.

Do you accept match funding from any company?

We do not accept matched funding from employers if the money comes from:

  • Armaments (offensive armaments and weapons systems)
  • Tobacco
  • Trade in CITES Appendix 1 listed flora and/or fauna
  • Animal testing for cosmetic or other non-medical products
  • Medical testing on endangered species
  • Nuclear power
  • Oil, gas and coal extraction

Is gift aid included in my total?

We set fundraising targets for all our event participants which vary according to the event. Participants must aim to reach or exceed this target and agree to do so when they sign-up to an event. We are very grateful to event participants that sign up to gift aid their donations, which means we can claim a further 25% of the donation value from the government. However, this should be regarded as additional funds and cannot count towards your original target.

How long do I have to reach my fundraising target?

We like you to aim to reach your fundraising target sent in any offline fundraising three months after your event.

How do I send in offline sponsorship money?

Please use our paying in form which can be found on our fundraising page.

Where can I find material to use on my online fundraising page?

There are lots of fundraising tips on our fundraising page.

How do I set up an online fundraising page?

To set up your own page, you can use our JustGiving page. Creating a fundraising page is quick and simple to set up, and a safe way for your family and friends to donate.

Can I make my own sport vest for an event?

We will supply you with a breathable running vest or cycling vest one month before your challenge, however if you would like to create your own we have a WWF supporter badge we can send you. Please get in touch at

What happens if my running vest doesn’t fit?

We always do our best to replace any running vests that do not fit, however please be aware there may be an additional charge and we cannot guarantee we will have a replacement size.

Will you be there to support us on the day?

Team Panda aim to be at all our major events if over 20 people are taking part for us.

When will I receive my runners pack?

We aim to have your runner packs with you a month before the event.

How do I update my information on your records?

If you move house or change your telephone number or address before the challenge, please do let us know at to ensure your Team Panda packs arrive safely on your doorstep.

What is included in my runners pack?

This will include your breathable vest/cycling top, and Team Panda headband if you are running. It will also include a letter with lots of important information about the big day. 

If you still have any questions about the big day please do not hesitate to contact one of the events team at

When will I receive my welcome pack?

We aim for your welcome pack to be with you no later than three weeks after applying to join Team Panda.

What is included in my welcome pack?

This will include a fundraising pack and stickers.

I am interested in taking part in a global challenge, would WWF help towards my costs?

We do receive a number of enquiries from fundraisers who wish to take part in overseas challenge events for WWF. Normally, this means that the event organisers invoice us for a charge for taking part in the challenge. Unfortunately, we are not able to help in this way and fundraisers would have to choose a self-funding option. We would be able to help with fundraising number please do let us know so any materials we send to you arrive safely. Please email to update your records. 

WWF place

Please check the event page you are taking part in. However here is a list of our main events:

  • London Marathon - £2000
  • Brighton Marathon - £500
  • Manchester Marathon - £450
  • Prudential Ride London - £500
  • Great North Run - £350
  • Royal Parks Half Marathon - £450
  • London Landmarks Half Marathon - £450

Own place
If you have purchased your own place on a challenge or have organised your own event and you do not have a minimum fundraising target. You can create your own personal goal!