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Demand action on the climate emergency

Climate change is wreaking havoc on our wildlife and habitats, while putting more and more people's lives and homes at risk.

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Polar bears walking across melting ice


UK Parliament, the Scottish and Welsh Governments have all declared a climate emergency. Now our Governments must back this up with urgent action. Enter your details to join amazing people in demanding the UK tackles the climate crisis.

I am part of the last generation who can stop devastating climate change and want my voice to be heard. I call on all UK governments to declare a climate emergency and take urgent action to:

  • Make climate action a priority across all parts of government.
  • End support for fossil fuels, including no more subsidies for oil and gas, stopping fracking and halting airport expansion.
  • Invest in the clean economy, including renewables, electric vehicles and carbon neutral homes, creating jobs of the future.
  • Restore the environment at home and abroad, so nature can fight back against climate change. 
  • Commit to net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2045.

We will use your name to demand political action on the climate emergency. 

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