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As a Conservation Champion, we will provide you with:

  • Regular updates on our work so you know the difference you are making.
  • The opportunity to support a specific project, and hear all about your favourite species, country or area.
  • Access to our conservation and project specialists, who will be able to provide unique insights into our work and answer any in depth questions you may have.
  • A dedicated WWF relationship manager, who will make sure you are looked after and the first to know about any developments and exciting news.
  • Invitations to engaging events, including the annual conservation champion’s dinner, where you can meet other members of the club and learn more about our progress.
  • Three ‘Action’ magazines per year - our supporter magazine which contains inspiring stories, interesting information and beautiful pictures to keep you up to date.
  • An animal adoption of your choice, perfect as a gift for your loved ones.
  • A discount for our online shop, to help finding that perfect gift so much easier.
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