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Growing food is fun!

WWF’s dedicated Plant2Plate resources focuses on what can be done to produce and consume food in a sustainable way that is less harmful to our shared planet and healthier for us.

We've developed some fantastic curriculum linked resources and activities for pupils aged between 5 - 11 years. All the activities featured are linked to the National Curriculum and are designed to help introduce pupils to the issues of food and sustainability and encourages pupils to reflect on the active role that they can play in the global community.

Exploring the issues of food and our environment

Our Plant2Plate classroom resources provide pupils with the opportunity to explore the issues of food, climate change, waste and biodiversity; and the positive steps that they can take to eat in a way that is healthy for them and healthy for the planet.

Wonky veg recipe competition © Tristan Fewings / WWF-UK

Plant2Plate resources and activities

Our Plant2Plate resources includes classroom activities and resource sheets, growing guide for teachers and pupils, a school garden calendar, plus helpful tools and tips. You can download all of these resources below, as well as registering your school to access exclusive digital content.

Introductory Classroom Resources

This guide offers brief introduction with practical ideas on what fruit and veg to grow – and on where, when and how to grow them. We’ve designed our growing calendar so there is food to harvest as soon as possible – and so that all the best crops are ready before the summer holidays.

Themed Classroom Resources

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