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Inspiring young people to take action

We want to inspire, support and empower young people to take action for our world and help build a more sustainable future.


Today's young people will be the stewards of our planet in the years to come.  That’s why we're putting young people at the centre of our work. We’re working with young people who care about our natural world, to help them explore the issues facing our planet, and equip them to take positive action to protect it.

Our youth engagement programme supports and empowers young people, helping them to inspire and motivate others to join in the fight for our world. There will be plenty of opportunities for young people to get involved and take action, from upcoming community events to accessing our dedicated youth engagement toolkit.

Contact the Youth Engagement Team!

Our youth engagement team work with brilliant young people aged between 13-25 who care about our natural world and want to take action to protect it.

If you want to get involved, or if you have any questions about our work, please email us at