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15 December 2022

Enhancing the environmental land management schemes: A cornerstone for a resilient and secure food system

Joint Statement

As leading businesses, financial institutions, farmers, landowners, academic researchers, and civil society organisations, we are united in support of the Environmental Land Management (ELM) schemes, as the foundation of supporting English farm businesses through a sustainable and just agricultural transition.

Farmers and land managers urgently need the vision, clarity, and detail on the rollout of ELMs to plan into an uncertain future. We are calling for the ambition and delivery of all parts of ELMs to be raised to support farmers to work with nature, reduce their input costs, and adapt to a changing climate, all while providing healthy, affordable, high welfare and sustainable food.

Now is the time for bold, decisive action, if we are to create a productive, regenerative, and resilient food system into the future. We are all ready to work together to make that happen, including unleashing the potential of the private sector, as long as a strong and secure policy signal from government is in place.

The UK’s legal net zero and biodiversity commitments depend on the way that our land is used to produce food. Enhancing the ELM schemes is the single largest act of leadership and support that government can provide to this shared endeavour at this crucial time - now is the time to move forward without delay.