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Just Imagine Creative Call out

Come and explore the artistic responses to our creative call out.

Imagine a future where we put nature at the heart of our decisions...

The ’Just Imagine’ initiative was held to spark conversations about the solutions to the nature and climate crisis, helping to drive positive change through art.

In the competition’s brief, we asked creatives to imagine a greener, healthier, and thriving future where we focus on nature when making big decisions. The competition judges include award-winning graphic designer Greg Bunbury, painter, poet, environmentalist and Honorary President of the Black Environment Network (BEN) Judy Ling Wong, and award-winning furniture designer Stacie Woolsey.

Creatives were asked to reimagine what a sustainable future could potentially look like through art. Participants were encouraged to take inspiration from Sir David Attenborough’s film ‘A Life On Our Planet.’ In the film, Sir David Attenborough discusses the changes to the natural world he’s experienced in his lifetime, presenting his hopeful vision for the future.

Here you can explore the artistic responses to our creative call out.

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