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How Can I Reduce my Footprint?

Everyone has an environmental footprint. It comes from all the things you do that have an impact on our planet – the energy you use, the things you buy, the food you eat.

By making changes to our lives, like switching to more sustainable everyday habits, we can reduce our environmental footprint and the damage we do to our planet.

Looking for inspiration? Watch this video for 4 ways to reduce your footprint.


This past year has shown us how connected we all are. Individual actions might seem small but, collectively, they can make all the difference in the world.

Eating a more planet-friendly diet, switching to renewable energy, talking about climate change, sharing tips with friends, organising as a community, calling for change from our businesses and government – it all adds up.

By showing we care about our planet, by doing something about it and by talking to friends and family we also inspire change in the people around us.

Before long, we’re part of a powerful movement that governments and businesses can’t ignore. At this point, businesses are forced to make big changes to tackle their much larger footprints and governments introduce laws that make it easier for everyone to tackle their own footprints.

Calculate Your Footprint

The My Footprint App

With the My Footprint app, you can choose challenges that suit you, to make small changes in your own life that add up to something bigger.

Join a community of people who care about our planet and do your bit to live more sustainably. After all, change begins at home.

Challenge yourself to make a difference. Download the My Footprint App today!

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