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Ever heard of a fire-tailed titi monkey, honeycomb patterned stingray, or a yellow-moustached lizard? These are among species recorded for the first time in the Amazon in recent years. 

Two WWF reports - ‘Untold treasures: new species discoveries in the Amazon 2014-15’ PDF and our previous 2010- 2013 report show the ever-growing number of new species in this region.

The findings show that a new species of animal or plant is discovered in the Amazon every other day. However, because of the alarming rate of deforestation, we may never know all of the riches that the Amazon holds.

Sarah Hutchison, WWF Chief Advisor for our Latin American Programmes said:

“The ongoing discovery of new species adds to the urgency of halting deforestation and working to conserve the Amazon’s unparalleled biodiversity.” 

“We are only at the tip of the iceberg when it comes to unveiling the incredible species that live in the Amazon, yet the region’s biodiversity is under greater threat than ever before. There is a real risk that at the rate at which the Amazon is changing, many species may become extinct before we have had a chance to find them.”


How you can help

The fate of the Amazon and the species that live within this ancient forest is in your hands, will you help to save it? The choice is yours.

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