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The Pelagos Sanctuary is a Marine Protected Area in the Mediterranean, home to several cetacean species including sperm, fin and pilot whales. However, an increase of boats in this area means whales are regularly crossing paths with large vessels, causing serious injury or death. 

Did you know?

Ship collisions are one of the leading causes of non-natural death for cetaceans. Half of fin whales found beached near the Pelagos Sanctuary have died from vessel strikes.

Through our work with Sky Ocean Rescue, WWF is attaching tracking devices to whales, allowing us to monitor their movement and behaviour.

The findings are compared to shipping routes to determine if there is any crossover, so alternative routes for the vessels can be planned. The data will also be used to encourage the installation of anti-collision devices on boats, which reveals when a whale is close by.

We are also monitoring levels of pollutants in whales, including plastics by taking skin and blubber samples from the whales.

Watch our 360-degree video to find out more.

We are fighting to ensure 30% of the world’s oceans are in well-managed Marine Protected Areas by 2030.

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