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A Trillion Trees

Our vision for a trillion trees to be restored, saved from loss, and better protected around the world, by 2050.

It’s a big goal. But we believe it is achievable and necessary.

More trees and forests can make a major contribution to achieving our global commitments on human development, biodiversity and climate change.

Forests cover almost a third of the earth’s surface. But we’re losing them at an alarming rate and this threatens the prosperity of people and wildlife. It’s not news that we need to reverse this trend. 

The goals of zero deforestation and restoring forest landscapes are firmly on the political and corporate agenda, but are not having the impact they should. Companies are struggling to deliver on their pledges. Funders are not being offered the right investments, and frontline programmes are still finding it difficult to secure funding.


Trillion Trees is a joint venture of three of the world’s largest conservation organisations – WWF, BirdLife International and the Wildlife Conservation Society. We are founded on a vision of a world where tree cover is expanding not contracting.

  • We work together and leverage our decades of experience and expertise in fighting deforestation and restoring forests.
  • We provide targeted support to close the gap between commitments to protect and restore forests and the reality on the ground.
  • We connect ambitious initiatives to forward-thinking funders and investors to create partnerships that deliver for forests around the world, and inspire others to do the same.

Trillion Trees partnership


We want to inspire the world to change.

We are initiating new projects, supporting existing ones and bringing the right funding to the right action for the right tree in the right place. But this vision will require action from all corners of society – not just us. We will share our learning and produce new research to help solve implementation challenges.

Find out about the Trillion Trees venture and get in touch.

Trillion Trees has been supported by Restore Our Planet, which was established in 2001 as a grant-making charity to invest in the protection and restoration of Britain’s natural habitat. This vision has since expanded to incorporate environmental and biodiversity issues globally.