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New species are being found at the rate of one every two days in the Amazon- highlighting that this rainforest is even richer than we thought. The Amazon is also home to charismatic fauna like tapirs, capybaras, giant otters, river dolphins, and top predators like jaguars and spectacled bears. However, agriculture, mining, infrastructure and over-hunting are all increasing threats. All our work on policy, landscapes, and unsustainable practices aims to protect species vital forest and freshwater habitat. We also support wildlife monitoring and environmental education.

For example:

  • Community monitoring of wildlife in Colombia – we empower and train communities to set camera traps so that they can actively participate in  conserving their natural resources. We then use resulting photos for environmental education in local schools
  • River dolphins: the Amazon river is home to four species of river dolphin that are found nowhere else on Earth. We are working to mitigate the threats from dams and accidental capture by fishing gears. We are also supporting innovative research, using tags and even drones to better understand these wonderful creatures
  • Jaguars: the Amazon is jaguar stronghold for long-term survival. We are developing a jaguar conservation strategy, which strengthens our work while convincing governments to support jaguar conservation. This is vital to counter increasing threats such as habitat loss and human-jaguar conflict, as well as the  emerging illegal trade in jaguar parts.