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Climate change, threats to natural resources and rising energy use are just some of the issues that are of growing concern. They impact on people and wildlife right around the world. Our Scotland office works on these issues from a Scottish perspective by influencing the Scottish Government and the Scottish Parliament.

Decisions of government and Parliament have lasting and important impacts on the environment. Acts of Parliament since devolution have given us new laws to safeguard the water environment, nature conservation, strategic environmental assessment, planning and established National Parks in Scotland.

New Scottish laws on managing flooding, protecting the marine environment and perhaps the most significant legislation in a generation - on tackling climate change have recently been passed. It's critical that we're working with other organisations, government and parliament to inform the development of these laws.

We're at the forefront of campaigning to change legislation and policy to protect our environment here in the UK and worldwide. In Scotland we work closely with organisations in the environmental network Scottish Environment LINK and the diverse coalition Stop Climate Chaos Scotland on issues such as flooding and climate change.