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NatWest Group

We’re working together to accelerate the transition to a sustainable UK food and agriculture system.

WWF and NatWest Group are working together to support and accelerate a sustainable and just transition for the UK food and agricultural system, including calling for ambitious action from governments across the nations of the UK.

Why we're working together

The UK’s food system is not currently working in the best interests of people or the planet.

Nature and a stable climate underpin every aspect of our food system, yet after years of intensification, industrialisation and increased uses of pesticides and fertilisers driven by government policy, subsidies and market failures, agriculture is now the biggest cause of biodiversity loss in the UK and one of our largest contributors to climate change.

We believe the UK’s farmers can be supported to run thriving businesses that produce high-quality, nutritious food in a way that protects and restores nature and helps us reach net zero, primarily through accelerating the use of regenerative farming practices.

NatWest Group is one of the UK’s biggest banks for business with 40,000 agriculture customers and has committed to helping farmers fund their transition to more sustainable practices.

Together, our reach and expertise create a unique partnership to support the transformation of our food system.

How we're working together

Private finance has a powerful role to play in accelerating the transition to regenerative agriculture by actively scaling the information and access to green finance tailored to farmers and food producers.

Together we will work with stakeholders from across the food system to design a roadmap for leveraging public and private finance into regenerative, net-zero farming.

We will also be undertaking joint research to explore which activities are most effectively supported by internal or external financing and developing policy recommendations for government.