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We are in the most important decade we have ever faced. The decisions made in the coming months will define our future.

Our leaders have already made the most important promise they could make: the promise of a safer climate for our children, for wildlife, for all of us. Now we must hold them to their word.

Remind our leaders now

Our future is in their hands. We won't forget our leaders have promised to:

1. Keep the climate as safe as possible

Our government – along with other world leaders – have promised to do everything they can to keep our climate as safe as possible. The G7 have stated their aim to limit the rise in global temperatures to 1.5°C. 

Status: Our analysis shows that if countries only delivered on their current plans, the world would heat up far beyond even 2°C. This would be a devastating future for people and wildlife. 

2. Stop increasing carbon in the atmosphere

The UK Government promised – and put into law – that the UK would stop increasing carbon in the atmosphere within 30 years. This is known as getting to ‘Net Zero’, and they promised it would be done by 2050 at the latest. 

Status: Their own climate watchdog says that progress is way off track, and that they’ve been too slow to follow their promises with delivery. Analysis shows nearly every sector is off track and, so far, we haven’t seen a detailed plan of action to change that. But there’s still time to turn this around. 

3. Protect our forests

The UK Government has promised to protect forests like the Amazon – which are crucial to fighting climate change because they absorb lots of carbon from the atmosphere. 

Status: Our report shows that UK products could still be fuelling fires in places like the Amazon. And, as they stand, new laws proposed in the Government’s Environment Bill wouldn’t stop the Amazon being destroyed for products that could be sold right here in the UK. 

4. Make our money greener

World leaders – including the UK – have promised to help the finance sector get to net zero: stopping our banks investing in dirty fossil fuels or the destruction of our forests. 

Status: Our report shows that emissions financed from UK banks and asset managers are currently responsible for nearly double the UK’s annual carbon emissions. We’re yet to see evidence of how government intends to make sure the finance sector moves to net zero. 

5. Work with nature to tackle the climate crisis

Our government has promised us that they will make sure nature is at the heart of actions to tackle the climate crisis – and at the heart of the UN climate summit. From more trees to healthy oceans, wetland and peatlands, nature can help us tackle the climate crisis. 

Status: Nature’s potential for climate action isn’t fully used in national climate plans around the world. Our analysis shows that even in the UK’s own climate plan, ‘there is insufficient information about how the UK will deliver the nature-based solutions to which it has committed’. 

Why we won't forget


We have a chance. To slow down climate change, restore our one shared home and survive. But every climate promise must be kept.   

Remind our leaders

Remind our leaders

Tell our leaders that we won’t forget their climate promises, and ask them to step up and deliver.
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Make your own climate promise

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