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I'm having trouble registering

First, please do check that your password strength is showing as 'good' or 'strong' and that any other fields such as email address do not contain any errors.

Sometimes short-term outages can be caused by a influx of users from around the world. We are working hard to avoid this happening but if you have filled in all the fields correctly and still nothing happens when you click 'Register', please wait at least 10 minutes before trying again.

I'm having trouble logging in

If you have registered but you are unable to login, please check the following:

  • you have received the account activation email and clicked on 'Activate' before attempting to log in. If you can't see your activation email in your inbox, do check your Junk folder.
  • your username/email for login is case sensitive: many mobile devises automatically make the first latter typed capitalised. So try logging in by inputting your username or email with a capital first letter (e.g as some mobile devices will have automatically made the first letter capitalized when you registered.

If you are still having issues please click 'report issue' on the log in page including your email you registered with, device, browser, and clear description of the error that occurs.


I'm getting a message saying there are no more images to review

The system serves thousands of different images simultaneously while ensuring all images are reviewed an equal number of times. If no image is pulled for any reason, such as drop in connection, it triggers the message you have received. While we are working on improving this, you can refresh your page and a new image will be loaded.

Can you use AI to count the walrus?

While there may be scope for this in the future, right now we don't have enough data to train and validate AI systems and it is costly. Some of the data collected from this project will be used to train and inform future AI platforms. Working with the public on this project is both great for engaging and inspiring people to take part in science, and also the most efficient way to gather results.

Can I adopt a walrus?

We don't offer a walrus adoption but you can buy a fantastic plush walrus toy from our WWF Shop. You can also donate to our Climate Crisis Fund and support vital projects that will help fight climate change

How are walrus impacted by climate change?

Walrus are facing the reality of the climate crisis. The ice they need for resting and breeding is melting right before them. This causes them to rest on overcrowded beaches, putting them at risk. They will need to swim further to reach their food, which is also being impacted by the climate crisis. Walrus can also be disturbed by shipping traffic and industrial development as the Arctic becomes more accessible to such activities when sea ice is lost. This project will help us learn more about this species, so we can better safeguard their future.


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A herd of walruses (Odobenus rosmarus) on an ice floe. Svalbard, Norway.

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