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Bring change to the table

All food goes on a journey before it reaches your plate. You can help nature by making more sustainable choices to #Eat4Change.

Introducing Simple swaps

Small changes go a long way. If you’re interested in making your meals better for nature, here is our guide to some simple swaps to get you started.

Below you’ll discover some recommended changes that can be good for nature and for your wallet too, such as – swapping out some meat for a heartier portion of your favourite beans.

The individual choices we choose to make can be different, but we can all play our part to bring change to the table.

A lady preparing food


The way food is produced and consumed, is putting an unbearable strain on nature.

Food production is the number one contributor to deforestation, greenhouse gas emissions, and loss of nature.

It’s more important than ever that the food we produce and eat is good for our world and our health. And we have good news for you, eating sustainably can be affordable!

#Eat4Change is all about re-thinking our relationship with food. It’s about adopting changes that are easy to stick to and help care for nature in the UK and around the world.


No matter what your personal diet is, you can take steps to help nature today!

Want to learn more about #Eat4Change?

People in the UK, just like you, are worried about the planet. They’re worried about their health, the climate and nature. What we produce to eat makes up about 25% of all our carbon emissions – that's a big piece of pie. How can we as individuals help prevent climate catastrophe? How can we help stop the Amazon rainforest being lost forever? How can we make changes in our daily lives that matter?