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Do your own fundraising

 Take a look at the ways you can get involved and raise money to support the fight for your world.

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We’ve got great ideas to help you kickstart your fundraising. Look at our top 10 fundraising tips and resources to help you smash your target.

Games and Quizzes


Organise a quiz and test people’s knowledge. You could include an animal themed round by using our fascinating animal facts or simply take a look at our readily available quizzes.

Sports day

What games will you include? The three-legged race, an obstacle course, hula hooping or the classic egg and spoon race. Get competitive and ask players to donate if they get knocked out. 

All things food

Bake sale

Whisk up some cakes, cookies, scones or other tasty treats. Go to the next level by baking animal themed goodies. 

Dinner party.

Throw a dinner party for friends or family who donate to your fundraising. Why not theme each course around a different country’s cuisine? For inspiration, check out our planet-friendly recipes.

Give it up 

Chocolate, meat or your favourite food or drink. Whatever it is, ask your family to sponsor you while you give it up for a month. You could even give up multiple items or try going vegan.

Sustainable ideas

Swap shop

Swap clothes, toys, books, you name it at a swap party. You’ll help to stop items going to landfill and can get donations from entry fees to the party. Why not use our invitations to spread the word and our swap shop guide to help you plan!

Litter pick

A great group activity. Get sponsored to clean your local park, river or beach and help nature at the same time.  

Get crafty

Get creative by recycling items you have around the home to create new decorations or gifts, to sell on. Remember the most sustainable option is using what you already own.

Host an event


Use your artistic flair to help our world. Plan an exhibition or auction of your artwork. Share the event using our promotional posters and donate the proceeds.

Glitz and glamour

Organise your own gala evening or event such as an animal masquerade ball. Raise money through ticket sales, you could even host a raffle on the night. Let people know how the money you raise can help WWF’s work, using our guide.

An evening of entertainment

Ask local bands or comedians to perform or set up an open mic night within your community. Charge a fee for the ticket. 

Read about Oliver's brilliant beach clean

Oliver is a wonderful 6 year old who loves all birds, especially penguins! He so was so upset reading about the effect of litter on our natural world, he decided to do a sponsored litter pick on each beach they visited whilst on his holiday in Wales.

''Oliver collected litter from beaches in North Wales during his weeks holiday in the summer holidays, he climbed sand dunes and searched rocks to take away a bin bag from each beach. We took a special trip to a very long beach notorious for washed up litter and collected old rope, bottles, bits of car, a crate and assorted flotsam. He was very happy to speak to several people who told him what a great job he was doing, including a tourist on a biking holiday to the UK who was a lifelong WWF member, which made him very happy. Back at home he had the help of two friends to do a trip through the local riverside park and cleared litter and dumped garden plastics, culminating in ice creams. '' 

Many people including friends, family, school mates and colleagues known and unknown donated to his cause, delighted by his story which told of his love of penguins and very happy to donate to such a worthy charity WWF. His dad's workplace agreed to match £300 of his fundraising, bringing him to a personal fundraising of £610, his friend added £90 to their team to a grand total of £700, vastly surpassing our original goal of £60!

Can you be like Oliver and go above and beyond to fundraise for WWF UK? Grab your free fundraising pack to get you started.

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