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How do we live and shape a future that doesn’t just allow us to survive, but to thrive?

WWF and Silverback Films – the film-makers behind the Our Planet series and David Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet – have teamed up with acclaimed digital artist Erik Wernquist to create a unique film that shows a future that could be within reach if we address the issues highlighted in the Living Planet Report and work with rather than against nature to provide for our needs.

The Living Planet Report shows that the way we are living on our planet at the moment is unsustainable, and that human activity is destroying the natural world and making it less able to provide for our needs.

Future Visions - Silverback Films

The past is written, but the future is in our hands.

Humans are the best problem solvers that have ever lived on our planet, and solving problems like climate change, loss of biodiversity and plastic pollution doesn’t just mean having to sacrifice things we enjoy today. If we use our imaginations and work together we can create a world that works for nature but is also better for humans. Now is the moment that we can redefine the way we live and shape a future that doesn’t just allow us to survive, but to thrive.

The challenge is simple: share your vision of life in the future, when balance with nature is restored.

Teacher and classroom resources

Image and Video bank

If you are tasking your students with creating videos or multimedia presentation, or adding their own voiceover or music to the Future Visions video, we can provide you with an image bank and video shot library for your editing projects. Email to request download links. 

Who can take part?

This challenge is open to all, with no lower or upper age limit, but we’re excited for young people who will shape and experience the future to take this opportunity to share their vision.

Share your Future Visions

Whether you directly respond to the vision for the future shown in the film, or come up with your own ideas for how the world may look, we want to know how it would feel to have overcome the crisis faced in 2020, and what opportunities and experiences might be opened up by a world in balance with nature.

You could write a script for the Future Visions film, write a poem or short story about life in the future, compose a song or piece of music, make your own short film, design an infographic poster, or even write a speech for world leaders that sends a message about the future you want to see. Share your future visions:

  • On Instagram or Twitter with #FutureVisions and @WWF_UK
  • Via email (as an attachment or file transfer link) to,

Supporting resources and activities