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Sustainable Futures: Our Programme

Aimed at 14–18 year-olds and in partnership with Villiers Park Educational Trust and Founders4Schools, our free programme provides teachers and career leads with the tools and support to empower students to build a sustainable career. Explore the programme below. 

Sustainable Futures Pattern

Student Course

Our short course is designed to be delivered by teachers, careers leads or facilitators with groups or whole classes of students aged 14-18.

  • Gain knowledge around the fundamentals of sustainability.
  • Understand the role of business and relevance to career pathways.
  • Reflect on their own skills and values and apply that to jobs.
Hannah Cubaynes from the British Antarctic Survey

Business role model talks

Bring the concepts in the course to life through meaningful encounters with employers and employees who highlight how sustainability is integral to their work.  This could be virtual or in person, with a speaker from an environmental organisation or from a company changing their practices to become more sustainable.

Request a business role model in minutes, for free, through our partner Founders4Schools.


Chef flame

Experiences of the workplace

From renewable energy to hotels, Founders4Schools arrange work experience placements with a sustainability focus. Opportunities include: 

  • Insight day: A taster day for a group of students or a tour of the workplace 
  • Block placements: From days up to 1-2 weeks
  • Workplace shadowing: Shadowing an employee for a day 
  • Extended placements: One day a week over a term 

Work experience placements allow students to explore how sustainable thinking applies in the real-world context, and helps build confidence and access to career pathways.

Seaweed farmer

The programme is designed to build and increase: 

Awareness: Build a common understanding of and familiarity with ‘sustainable careers’ as a concept with relevance and importance to the future of our planet. 

Aspiration: Help young people and those supporting them in their choices perceive sustainable skills as attainable and valuable for enhancing career prospects. 

Access: Provide the tools and guidance to equip young people, including those often under-represented or disadvantaged in areas of the job market, to apply sustainable skills to improve their employability and pursue a career pathway that is good for them and for nature.  


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