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Sustainable Futures: Educators

As an educational leader, you can be part of the solution and help create a better world for future generations. Access our educator resources and CPD training to bring sustainable careers into your classroom.

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WWF staff in the Learning Zone at breakfast during the Youth Ambassador Day at the Living Planet Centre, Woking

Sustainable futures education pack

Our free certificated student course is designed to be delivered by teachers, careers leads or facilitators to students aged 14-18. The course includes three modules, split into bitesize 30 minute learning units for maximum flexibility. It can be delivered as part of your careers provision, within curriculum subjects or as an extra-curricular activity. 
We provide all the materials needed to make this course easy to deliver with minimal preparation. They include a script, detailed notes and guides to enable you to deliver confidently, in a way that suits you. 

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Download our Resources

Educator handbook and lesson plans

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Sustainable Futures Course Presentation

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Student Reflection Journal

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Mapping to careers frameworks

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Certificates for Students 

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Course Overview

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Sustainable Futures CPD Series


Our free CPD training videos will equip you to deliver all components of the Sustainable Futures programme and support your students to apply sustainable thinking as they consider their education and career journey.  

There are four videos in the series and each video introduces a core component of the programme and how to integrate and deliver it in schools and colleges. 


Overview of the Sustainable Futures Programme

Available on-demand | 20 minutes

CPD objectives:

  • Understand key terminology linked to sustainable careers. 
  • Describe the changing landscape around green careers. 
  • Brief school leaders, colleagues, and students, explaining the key concepts and benefits of the Sustainable Futures programme.
  • Know how to integrate business encounters in a way that builds understanding of sustainable careers.
  • Align and integrate delivery of Sustainable Futures with other career guidance activities available to your students.

Delivering the Sustainable Futures Course (modules 1-3)

3 videos | Available on-demand | 15 minutes each 

CPD Objectives:

  • Describe the structure of the Sustainable Futures course.
  • Explain the key concepts covered in the Sustainable Futures course.
  • Plan and deliver course content in a way that suits your institution, timetable and learners.
  • Know how to evaluate student learning and progress while delivering the course content.


Sustainable Futures CPD: Delivering module 1

The principles of sustainability and its importance to our survival and wellbeing. 

Watch this video


Sustainable Futures CPD: Delivering module 2

How businesses and careers relate to sustainability and environmental issues.

Watch this video


Sustainable Futures CPD: Delivering module 3

How to apply sustainable values, skills and knowledge when mapping a career pathway.

Watch this video

“I really love everything you’ve put together. It’s a massive gap in the curriculum at the looks like it’s going to be really easy for teachers to use, because I think a lot of staff are quite nervous about having some of these discussions and not knowing all the answers. Whereas you’ve got a nice journey through something that seems to be well balanced.”

Teacher participating in CPD for the course.
Sustainable Futures Pattern

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