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Walrus from Space

Become Walrus Detectives with our brand new ‘Walrus From Space’ teacher guide and classroom presentation.

Help us find walrus from space

Walrus are facing the reality of the climate crisis and we need to know more about how they are affected.

WWF and the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) are asking teachers and students to become ‘Walrus Detectives’ and help contribute to conservation science by searching for walrus in thousands of satellite images taken from space!

Walrus On Ice

Classroom resources

Take a look at our teacher activity guide and class presentation below to find out how you can get involved in the walrus count as well as discovering fascinating walrus facts, playing your own walrus coordinates game and conducting a sea ice experiment! Once you’ve completed one of our activities make sure to download your Walrus Detective certificate for your class or star pupils!

Claim your Walrus from Space certificate

If you have taken part in Walrus from Space, or run one of our Walrus from Space class activities, you can earn a Walrus Detective certificate for your class! Tell us which activities you’ve taken part in using our short online form below.

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