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Activities and programme ideas for scouts

WWF has been announced as one of the Scouts A Million Hands partners. We’ll provide ready-made activities and programme ideas centred on six national themes, chosen by the young people themselves. WWF will be working with Scouts to support young people who want to get involved in the Protecting Our Environment theme.

Young people are key stakeholders in building a brighter, more sustainable future. If they understand our planet, they can change the world. This partnership will help scouts to re-connect with nature, develop environmental literacy and be part of youth led action for our world.

Scouts A Million Hands - Community Impact Badge

Earn your Community Impact Staged Activity Badge

Being part of A Million Hands is one-way Scouts can achieve their Community Impact Staged Activity Badge by taking practical action in the service of others, in order to create positive social change.

View activities: Protecting our environment

Protecting the Environment: Free posters for Scouts

Working in collaboration with Scouts we’ll support leaders every step of the way to inspire group members to take action for their world. You can download a whole host of fun WWF activities and games for the first phase of this exciting project on the Scouts' website to set your group on their way to achieving their Community Impact Staged Activity Badge whilst making a tangible difference to their local environment. You can also start by downloading these brand new explainer posters...

  • From grey to green (PDF) - Buildings, roads and piles of rubbish have turned our world grey. Follow these tips to create a green space and look after nature where you live.
  • Rivers and freshwater (PDF) - Less than a sixth of England’s rivers are healthy while 13% of freshwater species could become extinct. You can help by thinking global and acting local.
  • Food for thought (PDF) - Like every living thing, humans need food – and our amazing planet provides everything we eat. But the amount we grow and the way we produce it is causing big problems.
  • Plastic is not fantastic (PDF) - It’s long-lasting, cheap to produce and very useful, but plastic is causing huge damage to our incredible planet.
  • What is biodiversity (PDF) - We share our planet with millions of other species, and we all need each other to survive and thrive.
  • Climate crisis (PDF) - An increase in the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere is changing Earth’s climate and it’s affecting every part of our world.

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