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Nature provides us with everything we need to live.

Biomimicry is an exciting way to inspire us to observe the natural world and to develop a creative approach to problem solving by looking at nature for sustainable solutions. Below you'll find a series of engaging resources and activities to help you connect with - and take inspiration from - nature; from an exciting garden safari to educational worksheets and a live webinar with a WWF expert. If you’re a teacher, download our Educator Guide for further curriculum linked activities for Key 2 and 3.

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Take inspiration from Nature

How have a kingfisher’s beak, a sticky burr and shark skin inspired amazing inventions? Scientists and engineers have discovered all kinds of creative solutions to problems by imitating plants and animals. You can use the following resources to encourage young people to develop their curiosity about the natural world and work together to explore creative solutions to sustainability, by looking at nature’s own designs:

Explore our planet


Get Wild

Go on a garden safari

Snails may be slow, but they are certainly not boring. Few creatures have inspired so much human invention. Explore the fascinating world of these slimy garden friends, and discover the adaptations that have inspired so many new technologies.

WWF Talks

Biomimicry - Invented by animals

How have a kingfisher’s beak, a gecko’s feet and shark skin inspired amazing inventions? Join children’s author Christiane Dorion to discover how nature’s smart designs can help us to find solutions to challenges around us. Animals have evolved over millions of years to survive and thrive on the planet so they can certainly teach us a thing or two!


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