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In jungles, everywhere is special.

Jungles contain a bewildering diversity of life, all intricately linked. Life here has evolved to fit every niche, but due to deforestation they're disappearing faster than anywhere on earth. Below you'll find a series of engaging resources and activities to help you connect with nature and learn more about our planet's jungle habitats; from creative 'make-it' events, to educational worksheets and a live webinar with a WWF expert. If you’re a teacher, download our Educator Guide for further curriculum linked activities for Key 2 and 3. You might also want to download our new activity pack 'Amazing Amazon.

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Our Jungle Biomes

Use the explorable Our Planet globe to find out why farmers and governments have a key role to play. It's also full of information about the challenges facing this environment, how resilient these environments can be, given time and help, and what is being done to protect them. Choose from the resources below to learn more about jungles:

Explore our planet



Go on a Garden safari

From the rainforests of South America to your lawn and shrubbery, there's a secret miniature civilisation of farmers, commuters, builders living alongside us. Join Matt for a special look at these fascinating insects and some tips on how to find them, record them, and study their incredible activities.


Trillion trees art challenge

Create an artwork inspired by the rainforest. Be inventive; you might want to make an illustrated poem, a paper cut out, a painting or a journal of everything you’ve used that has come from the rainforest. Join Lizzie to see her artwork, a pop up paper cut out, and to learn about the Trillion Trees Project and what WWF is doing to protect tropical rainforests. 


WWF Talks


Join WWF-UK’s Nicola Loweth and Emma Keller as they introduce one of the most iconic jungle inhabitants – the orangutan – and explore how the future of this incredible species is connected to choices we make about everyday food and household products. Hosted by WWF-UK Youth Ambassador Ollie.

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