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Farm for Scotland’s Future 

Act now to support farming to work for nature, climate and people

Imagine a Scotland where nature and people are flourishing, and where our food is grown in harmony with our environment.

New key legislation on farming is currently progressing in the Scottish Parliament. We need your help to show decision makers how much we care about our world and the wildlife we share with it.

Act today!

We have a once in a generation opportunity to shape how we support farming to work for nature, climate and people.

Sign Our Petition    

Farming is vital to Scotland’s future. As well as producing food, it is key to restoring nature, fighting climate change, and supporting Scotland’s rural communities. Right now, farming is Scotland’s second biggest source of greenhouse gases, and a major cause of wildlife loss. 

I want to see public money being used to fund farming to make sure it works for nature, climate and people across Scotland.

I support WWF Scotland’s vision for Scottish agriculture which calls for the Scottish Government to create bold and ambitious agricultural policy that:

  • Ensures the majority of funding for farming supports outcomes for climate and nature.  
  • Creates a farm funding system that’s fair for farmers and crofters, and that works for nature, climate, and all of Scotland’s people.
  • Supports a sustainable production model to safeguard food production in Scotland for future generations, while building up the health of our soils and improving the productivity of agriculture. 
  • Guarantees a system that ensures Scotland’s land is used efficiently to grow more high quality sustainable food for people and make space for nature. 

Scotland must now lead the way by creating a system that helps us achieve our climate ambitions while ensuring a just transition for Scotland’s farmers and crofters. By using a greater share of public money to support nature and climate-friendly farming practices, we can help nature thrive, lock in carbon, support rural communities, and respond to the impacts of climate change.

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