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Farm for Scotland's Future

Farming is vital to Scotland’s future, but it’s also our 2nd biggest source of greenhouse gases and a major cause of wildlife decline.

Through nature-friendly farming practices, we can protect and restore nature, whilst cutting emissions and producing nutritious food.

Are you looking for ways to support nature-friendly farming and bring our world back to life?

Red-soldier beetles sit on a white flowering plant at Riverford Farm, Devon.

Farming's Impact on the Environment

Farming accounts for almost a fifth of Scotland’s emissions, with many practices causing pollution and severely depleting our wildlife. But it doesn’t have to be this way. While we want to maintain funding to farmers, we believe it could be directed in a fairer way to support sustainable food production while protecting and restoring nature and reducing emissions.

We need to transform Scottish agricultural policy so that it enables and rewards nature and climate -friendly farming. WWF Scotland want to see a transition to a fairer funding system that delivers for climate, nature and for people.  

Farmer Heather Close checks on her Aberdeen Angus and Hereford cattle to see how close to calving they are on the regenerative farm at Balsar Glen Farm, South Ayrshire, Scotland.

How You Can Help

We’ve joined forces with Scottish Environment LINK and farmers’ groups calling on the Scottish Government to create a new farm funding system that’s fair for farmers and crofters, and that works for nature, the climate, and all of Scotland’s people.

In late 2022 the Scottish Government launched a consultation asking for views on the future of farming in Scotland. Thousands of you from all across the country reached out through our Farm for Scotland’s Future campaign, giving your reasons why we should move away from current intensive methods to more climate-and-nature-friendly forms of working the land and growing our food. 

This year, MSPs in the Scottish Parliament will take evidence on their proposed legislation, including considering contributions like yours. The WWF team will be busy talking to politicians, farmers, and public bodies over the coming months to highlight the importance of making farming better for people, nature, and the climate.

Thank you for the action you’ve taken so far. The voices of WWF supporters will be key to making progress and we’ll keep you updated on the range of exciting ways you can take part!