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Get together with friends and family

1. Make a Promise for the Planet! Commit to change one thing to protect the planet – use our Promise Maker here or #PromiseForThePlanet on social

2. Record your own lights off moment during the hour and share with us using #EarthHourUK – it could feature in our switch off film at the end of the hour!

3. Have a bonfire with friends and family under the stars – or recreate indoors by toasting marshmallows by candlelight

4. Hold a candlelit dinner party with your friends and use this opportunity to raise some funds to support WWF’s vital conservation work

5. Make your favourite cocktails or have a wine tasting night

6. Why not plan a book club and discuss your latest good read?

7. Call or visit someone you’ve been meaning to catch-up with and enjoy an hour of quality time

8. Go to the pub and hijack the weekly pub quiz – why not test your animal or wildlife knowledge!

9. Hold an onesie party with your friends!

10. Candlelit confessions! Want to tell all, well now is your chance – switch off the lights and confess your hidden secrets


11. Go stargazing if it’s a clear night – remember to wrap up warm!

12. Indulge in a candlelit bath (you could even share it with your favourite person…)

13. Switch off for the hour and take a power nap or have an early night to wake up feeling refreshed

14. Try some nature inspired Yoga poses – how about the crocodile or if you’re a pro the monkey!

15. Be inspired by our planet and watch your favourite Attenborough or nature documentary

16. Watch your favourite rom-com – blanket, glass of wine and candles are optional but recommended!

17. Curl up with a good book under the blanket. Close your eyes and listen to your favourite album of all times

18. Read your favourite story to the little ones

19. Bring the photo albums out of the cupboard, and relive those big moments

Get active

20. Go for a nature walk and see what night-time wildlife you can spot.

21. Go on a night cycle (but be safe!)

22. Go for a moonlit walk along the beach

23. Go for a ghost walk in your local haunted place

24. Go to your favourite view spot in your town / city / London to see the switch offs

25. Go for a night-time run!

26. Take the opportunity to get some exercise at home

Have some fun

27. Pretend your torch is a lightsaber and ‘use the force’

28. Paint your face with your favourite animal – from a panda to a cheetah!

29. Play hide-and-seek in the dark

30. Play truth or dare or if you’re feeling brave…in the dark spin the bottle

31. Make some animal sounds and guess the creature!

32. Revamp the silent disco and try a blindfolded disco (watch your elbows)

33. Go back to basics with some old fashioned board-games like scrabble, Pictionary or Cluedo

34. Play poker, UNO or Go Fish and donate your winnings to support WWF’s work

35. Build a den for your children (or you) – pile up the cushions or stack up old boxes!

36. Dress up in your brightest clothes – fluorescent fancy dress. Best costume wins…

37. Go camping in your back garden

38. Make a shadow or sock puppet and put on a show (you could even use WWF’s Cerrado play for inspiration)

39. Hold a night-time dance class or make-up your own routine

40. Do an experiment – shine your torch on one of eyes and then switch it out. Open both eyes and learn about ‘night sight’

41. Play an instrument in the dark or get together with friends and have an acoustic jam – you can be the star of the show!

42. Have a candlelit street party and meet your neighbours

Get thinking

43. Tell scary stories with the lights out

44. Write a poem inspired by nature

45. Have a sensory party – find out who has the best senses by seeing what you can taste, touch, feel and hear in the dark

46. Make a wish upon a star for a brighter future! What would your wish for our brilliant planet be?

47. Take our footprint calculator challenge and see how many planets you need to sustain your current lifestyle!

48. Write an email (or even a proper letter) to a friend or family member that you have not seen for a while

49. Plan your next holiday

Get crafting

51. Make your own candle lanterns (using old jam jars)

52. Art in the dark – see what masterpiece you end up with

53. A cloudy night? Then bring the stars indoors. Try and recreate a starry night inside – get creative! Whether shining torches onto the ceiling, crafting your own paper, knitted or origami stars or using piercing holes through a tin can with a candle shining through.

54. Get crafting and upcycle something – it’s great fun and you’ll create something you can use! You can find lots of inspiration here

55. Improve your low light photography skills and take snaps of your candlelit evening, wildlife or the stars and share them with us. No camera? No problem – use a phone or tablet.

56. Unplug any appliances that you’re not using and make a fun sticker for your plugs to remind you to unplug everyday

50. Find out your roots and make your family tree

Keep busy

57. Catch up on a project you have been “putting off ‘till tomorrow”

58. Sort out your clothes and put the ones you never wear on the side for your next trip to the charity shop

59. Clean your home – the ‘spring clean’ is almost here..

60. Count all the loose change you can find and donate it to your favourite charity – WWF-UK