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Right now, the Amazon is at risk. 

Last summer, we were outraged by the deliberate burning of the Amazon. Trees that had stood for hundreds of years were chopped down and devastating fires were lit to clear the ground.

Yet this is happening again - right now. At a rate even faster than last year. Fires in June reached the highest levels in 13 years. With dry season coming, this will only get worse in the coming months.

But we can be a crucial part of the solution. Each and every one of us has a role to play. Whether it’s standing with indigenous peoples at this challenging time, calling for our Government to make sure they’re not adding fuel to the fire, or simply spreading the word – inaction is not an option.



Our research shows that products right here in the UK could be causing destruction to precious places like the Amazon. And new trade deals risk adding further fuel to the fires.

Tell our Government that we won’t accept trade deals that destroy the Amazon.

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2. Donate to our Amazon appeal

Last year, your financial support helped us respond to the emergency on the ground: supporting and training local fire brigades, providing drones for indigenous people to monitor where deforestation and land-grabbing is taking place, and providing emergency relief to people on the front line.  

As the threats to the Amazon increase, we need your support more than ever. Our Amazon teams along with local organisations will carry out work including: 

  • Monitoring what damaging policies are being proposed 
  • Campaigning for stronger action from the government 
  • Supporting local and indigenous communities to defend their land rights 
  • Working with local governments where possible on procedures for fighting fires and deforestation. 
  • Engaging the private sector to be part of the solution

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3. Educate yourself

The Amazon contains over a third of the world’s remaining rainforest, but we’re losing it – fast.  

And the destruction of our forests isn’t just bad for nature. It’s never been clearer that our health and the health of the planet are one and the same. Our misuse of nature and wildlife across the world puts us all at risk.    

Deforestation is one of the biggest threats to the climate, to wildlife and to our health – the more we destroy forests the more we risk a new pandemic. What happens to nature across the world impacts us on our own doorstep, and the choices we make here have an impact on the world.   

But the more we know about our forests – and the causes of their destruction – the more we can help spread the word and put a spotlight on the issues.

4. Spread the word

The more people that know about the urgent threats facing the Amazon and it's people, the more we can keep the pressure on. Make sure your friends, family and followers know about the latest situation.

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5. Be part of the change

Become a member and support our work in the Amazon. We work with civil society groups, business and local governments in the Amazon to increase commitments towards conservation and reversing climate change. We can’t do this without our supporters. From tackling unsustainable practices, to supporting communities in their defense of their Amazon livelihoods, this work is more important now than ever.

We’re all in this fight together.

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