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An area equivalent to 40% of the size of Wales is used overseas to grow a handful of commodities imported into Wales.

30% of this land used to grow Welsh imports of commodities such as palm, soy and beef is in countries at risk/high risk of deforestation, habitat loss and social exploitation.

What we do, here in Wales, is having a catastrophic effect on the world’s forests and critical habitats.

In many of these countries the rights of indigenous people are abused, people including children are forced into labour, and valuable wildlife habitats are being destroyed to create commodities bound for Wales.

But we have the solutions .. 

By taking steps to tackle our environmental footprint overseas we can play our part in tackling the global climate and nature crisis. Global forests and habitats not only provide an irreplaceable home for indigenous peoples and local communities and wildlife, but play a crucial role in our planet’s health and future survival.   

Fortunately, if we act now we can still protect these precious forests and habitats which are crucial in keeping  global warming to 1.5C.   

We must leave the Senedd in no doubt that Wales must no longer contribute to the destruction of the planet’s precious forests and habitats.    

The most impactful way is to tell your local Member of the Senedd that you want Welsh Government to urgently act to do everything within its power, to eliminate deforestation, habitat loss and social exploitation from Wales’ supply chains:

  • Committing to account for and report on carbon emissions caused by habitat loss and deforestation overseas linked to commodities that are imported into Wales.
  • Support Welsh farmers to adopt nature and climate friendly regenerative farming methods to eliminate soy and palm in livestock feed which is linked to overseas habitat loss
  • Design government policy so that it both drives and rewards local sustainable Farm & Fishing to Fork supply chains 
  • Require public bodies in Wales to ensure that products they buy do not contribute to deforestation, habitat loss and social exploitation overseas
  • Require businesses to reduce their overseas environmental footprint by committing to more sustainable and resilient supply chains in order to qualify for government grants  
  • Support international projects aimed at preserving and restoring global forests.   
  • Work with UK Government to ensure that new trade agreements guarantee high environmental and social standards.  

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